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River tours may seem ordinary to some tourists. But for real travelers, there is actually more to it than meets the eye. If you are the kind who has an interest in taking a walk down history lane of a certain place, then the best place to start walking is the riverbanks. If a river could talk, it could provide you with rich information about the country’s legacy because, it stands as a witness for the civilization’s past. Most conquests and important highlights in history usually take place first in the river. For instance, if a conqueror is about to attack a place, he would usually drop an anchor in the river or the sea.

River tours

Touring in the river offers more amazing opportunities for tourists and locals to go sightseeing and adventure. It is a great idea to spend holidays and vacation with the family. Aside from enjoying the great river view, you also have the chance to explore the nearby places on the river banks loaded with establishments that can offer you pure fun, entertainment and relaxation. I happen to be one of the lucky locales who live close to the Canterbury River that is infested with tourists every year. Seeing the opportunity that the river has to offer, I took the chance of operating my own Tour Company so that vacationers will have a great time and enjoy their river tours. We offer river tours on holidays, weekends, special days or just about any other day when our guests feel like it.

Tours on River

Our river tour packages come with a tour guide, who will give you chunky information about the culture of the river side area. We also have live music shows and sumptuous food on the travelling boats so that our tourists will have the best time during their boat rides. Sometimes, we would take our tourists to see nearby islands if the weather permits.

We had 89 guests on our last tour and sat down to speak with some of them.  A gentleman from Northern Idaho was accompanied by his wife and two children.  Asking him what he did for work he was quick to give me details of what he did for a living and asked if I could mention his company on my blog.  I’ll let you look for yourself you can find his website here.  Anyways he concluded with it being the last day of his family vacation and he was so impressed with the tour he promised to return next year with his other two children.

Being my own boss is great, but getting this type of feedback from all the hard work put in every season in and out, is hands down the best feeling in the world.

The Importance of Historic River Tours

People who want to explore the shore and historical ports along a riverbank should go on historic river tours organized by tour companies. The rivers all over the world offer wonderful sightseeing and adventure opportunities for tourists and visitthe-banks-1174964_640ors who want to enjoy holidays and vacations while exploring the riverside and places nearby. The banks of famous rivers have buildings and attractions that offer an entertainment and relaxation opportunity for people to enjoy. You can take a river tour on holidays at weekends, special days or any other day when you are free.

Know Culture and History of A Place

When you go on a river tour, you get to know the culture of a riverside area. People like to enjoy the live entertaining shows by traveling in boats. The tourists become familiar with the historical heritage of a place. You can enjoy eagle watching if you go on a river tour early in the year. The riverside attracts people who like to enjoy natural surroundings. You get to know more about the river and its history.

Places You Explore On a River Tour

Some river tour organizers take their tourists to islands situated on the river. There is an opportunity to see chapels, gardens, theater, industrial areas and architectural buildings in the nearby areas. The tourists can do fishing for which you can use rented or self-owned equipment. Music shows are a part of the tour and you cmood-1335737_640an enjoy country music. Apart from this, you get to enjoy delicious food. On a river tour, you have to travel on a boat. There will a guide with you on the boat who will explain the different places that come up on the way and their history. Thus, you get an opportunity to visit many places and know their historical and cultural significance.

Cruise Travel

Some river tours offer you a chance to be a part of a relaxing cruise travels in which you get to enjoy cocktails and appetizers while exploring the riverside. If you have any queries related to the river or the places you see, you can get them answered by the tour guide who will be present with you. The cruise journey has a great ambiance with a soothing music playing in the background and some delicious food to fulfill your hunger pangs.

Facilities in Cruise Travel

autumn-219972_640The river cruises offer stylish and luxurious accommodation for the tourists so that their journey is comfortable and enjoyable. The rooms on the ship are decorated with artwork, antiques, and furnishings. The rooms are quite big with windows and balconies. Proper meals are served with foods and drinks that you like. You will also get to use internet and Wi-Fi. The visitors are given all facilities required for a journey worth remembering.

Stress-Free Travel

While traveling in a plane can be distressing and full of stress, a river tour is quite enjoyable and stress-free. There is no need of making any travel arrangements for this. The tour company will pick you up at the specified location taking you to the ship or ferryboat in a vehicle. Your travel to and from the boat is arranged by the tour officials so there is no worry about it.